What Is GakiArchives?
GakiArchives aims to be the one stop complete repository for subbed Gaki no Tsukai episodes.

Is GakiArchives Associated With Nippon TV / NTV / Nihon Terebi
GakiArchives is in no way associated with NTV

Does GakiArchives Run Ads?
GakiArchives does not run ads currently on the website or on any 'local' video streams (where GakiArchives has the video file, and there is a download button available). However streaming site embeds may run ads which are outside of GakiArchives control

Who Can Submit An Episode To GakiArchives
Anyone can submit an episode to GakiArchives, however you must be a registered user. You can register using the Login/Register link in the top right of the page.

What Stops Me Uploading A Non-GnT Episode?
The site is community moderated. Known as Trusted Uploaders, these are users that have contributed to the archives and had their uploads approved by their peers.
If you upload a file which is not sutiable for the archives (non-GnT/Downtown related), then your video will be rejected

What else can Trusted Uploaders do?
Trusted Uploaders can check community reports of non-working videos, can delete comments and can remove videos from public view

A Trusted Uploader rejected my video in error!
All rejected videos are not deleted straight away and can be see by Administrators. If the Administrators think a Trusted Uploader was in error, they will approve the video. This counts towards you becoming a Trusted Uploader just like a standard approval.

I have a complaint!
If you have a complaint about a user, comment or video on GakiArchives, please email admin@gakiarchives.com