Ideas and Improvements

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Existing Ideas and Reponses

1. Allow the uploader to change the title names to match other similar videos that were uploaded. 2. Another option is while the uploader is typing the name of the video, show a dropdown list of similar name so that the video can be same name for the series like same title name with different episode numbers.
Uploaders can edit their video titles on the video page. The second part however has been done

I'm wondering if there is a button to download every single episode at once? Or if there would be a torrent magnet link which can be updated as new episodes come out?
No, please go to The Silent Library

Tags for videos e.g. "Food“ "Batsu“ etc. And maybe as a tag maybe in the discription of the video the people that are in the video/episode. Obviously there will be no need to specifically write out Downtown, Cocorico and Yamasaki/Tsukitei Hosei but maybe for other people like Heipo, Jimmy, Obachan etc.
The search box is already very broad in results. However, tags for non-main cast is quite a good idea, will look in to it

Much better to upload videos to Veoh l, because it is faster and good for slow internet connection. What do you say folks?
This idea is quite old and the Gaki Distribution Network now exists and it much more reliable. We also will not upload to third parties, as it helps with not having constant takedowns

Please organize everything better. I can't tell where the Las Vegas Batsu game starts. Which video is the first one?!
Probually the one that says 'Part 1'...

Please add more video servers, because others has a problem in playing videos and improve the video player by putting volume button on mobile mode. I dont see volume display using android devices even if on full screen.
We have 3 video servers, Europe, Singapore and US. One of them should work for you. As for the volume, this is a limitation of the video player, the volume controls for mobile are under the video

Ideas which were implemented

Recent page, showing last 30 days of uploads

All page, showing all uploads

Search bar on mobile view

View counts working as intended

RSS Feed

Favorites, for logged-in users, 'My Favorites' found in the user menu, add to or remove by using the Heart icons next to the video title

Unseen videos, for logged-in users (will only apply to videos not watched after 8th April 2024), found in the user menu

Seen videos, for logged-in users (will only apply to videos watched after 8th April 2024), found in the user menu

For those that upload - quick access to 'My Uploads', found in the user menu

Descriptions for categories (only admin can add/edit these at the moment) - If you have one you think should be edited, or a new one for a category that's missing one, please email me

Documental split into seasons - Ike and Joshimental has been moved to a seperate category

'All' link added to each dropdown category, showing every video in that category set

SD videos, any uploaded video which has a resolution > 480p will be also re-encoded to 480p and made avaliable via the switch links on the video page

Upload date added on to video listings